Loan agreement

All loans are free – but there are rules.

Your library card is your personal key to your library. To obtain a library card you will be asked to show valid photo identification. By signing your name on your library card, you accept our borrowing policy and the registration of your personal data in our membership file. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the data is correct. All personal data is protected against unauthorized access.

Children are entitled to have their own card from the age of 6. Young adults under 16 need written consent from their parent/guardian. Application forms can be downloaded from:

You are personally responsible for all loans registered to your library card, even if someone else uses it. This also applies to the usage of our Internet connections.

If you loose your library card, notify us immediately. Parents/guardians are responsible for children and young adults until the age of 18.

You need a PIN-code connected to your library card in order to use Internet and self check out machines. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Forgot your PIN-code?

Loan period

For books the loan period is normally 4 weeks. You will be given a printed slip stating the titles of your loans and the due dates. It’s your obligation to stay informed of the due dates. Loans can be renewed 2 times unless they are reserved by another library member. You can renew all your loans using the library home page, by phone or when visiting your library.

Late fees

Late returns are subject to an overdue charge. Amounts over SEK 100 will be invoiced. Unreturned books or other media are subject to a replacement charge. The same rule applies if returned books or other media are to be found damaged.

The library card will automatically be blocked when the fee/charges on your card reach SEK 100.

Our bank giro/account number: 5707-6317

Please contact the library staff if you have any questions about our borrowing policy. We will also be happy to have your suggestions for new additions of books or other media of your choise.

General charges

Replacement library card: SEK 20

Recall: SEK 10

Overdue charges - books/other media
Adult borrowers

Regular loans: SEK 2/item/day

Maximum charges: SEK 75/item/lending period, SEK 500/return

7-day loans: SEK 5/item/day

Maximum charges: SEK 200/item

Replacement charges – books/other media

Books or Swedish audiobooks, children: SEK 150

Books or Swedish audiobooks, adults: SEK 300

Audiobooks in other languages: SEK 400

CDs and textbooks, children: SEK 150

CDs and textbooks, adults: SEK 200

Language courses: SEK 700

Magazines: SEK 50

Videos, DVDs: SEK 600

CD-ROMs, electronic games: SEK 600