Isabel Dalhousie: philosopher, moral sleuth, mother, wife

I absolutely adore Alexander Mcall Smiths character Isabel Dalhousie. This is his 12th novel in the series so I’ve read a few. But on to the storyline, Isabel is trying to juggle family life and work life.

When she drops of her older son at nursery school, she meets Patricia. Patricia is like Jamie, Isabel’s husband working as a musician and is the mother of Basil. Isabel encounters some gossip about Basil’s presumed father as she befriends Patricia. She ignores the gossip at first. But after getting a bit more acquainted with Patricia she realizes that something is off with her.  When she sees Patricia with a freckled man, she starts to wonder. Doesn’t he look awfully similar to Basil?

Simultaneously she struggles with her many responsibilities and feels a bit taken advantage of by her niece Cat. Cat runs a deli shop and frequently asked Isabel for help several times a week, without pay. Isabel is willing to help but not at the expense of her work with the review.

The books about Isabel Dalhousie brings up philosophical queries, moral and life’s ups and downs. 



Tipsat av: Ida Stenmark den 8 augusti 2019