Obective news in English and Russian

There is a lot of desinformation going around about the war in Ukraine. Here are links to objective news outlets in English and Russian.

News in English

Radio Sweden is a news channel run by Sveriges Radio - a public service media company. They work according to the public service idea, wich is that everyone living in a democracy should have access to accurate, objective and versitile news. All adults is Sweden contribute to public servie media through taxes.

Radio Sweden. Click to go to the news site.

News in Russian

Several news outlets in Sweden and other countries have chosen to have their news reports on the war in Ukraine translated to Russian and made them free to access for anyone. This is to battle desinformation about the war. click the links to get to sites with news in russian.

Radio Sweden Russian - Радио Швеции

Dagens Nyheter in Russian - Dagens Nyheter на русском